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      Help!!! We moved into our 5-year-old house in July 2001. Last March (2002) we started getting a very bad sewage smell in the house during heavy rains. Subsequently, we looked in our crawlspace and discovered -lots- of standing water. A foundation drainage system and sump pump solved this problem. For a while, it seemed to solve our smell problem as well. Not quite. The problem is back. We get more than a couple of inches of rain, and the smell comes back! It seems to come from the A/C vents running through the crawlspace. The crawlspace itself smells of sewage. No water under the house now, that I can see, though.

      The toilets, tubs, and sinks all drain fine, and no dry traps.

      Any ideas?

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      Do your vents leading to the roof have any leaks in them. The odors coming from those pipes can contaminate the crawl space or ac duct. A possible solution would be a charcoal filter in the vent system.

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