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      I’d like to install a laundry sink in my basement. Access to the drain line (will need to pump up 5 feet or so) and water supply lines are no problem, but I don’t have access to a vent line. I’d seen something I think is called a “loop vent” that is sometimes used in kitchen islands with a sink where there isn’t access to a vent stack. Can the same kind of thing be used in my situation? Or do I need to somehow get access to a traditional vent line (in which case I don’t think I’ll be installing the sink…)

      Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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      I think loop vents work because they are typically relatively close to a true vent line. I would think you would have pretty poor luck with one, and highly doubt this would meet code in your case. You would probably need to install a new vent line, at least up to the attic where you could probably tie into an existing stack.

      Good luck.

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