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      Avatar photoBill Ford

        New house, in about a year. Have noticed occasional sewer gas smell coming from downstairs (on slab) rarely used tub. Running water to replenish p-trap works, but not as well now as before. Continous drip does work. Short of breaking concrete what might repair options be?


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        Avatar photoWalsh

          Are you certain the trap is even hooked up? Many times a trap is by accident left off the tub in haste, the waste will drain into the subsoil and go un-noticed for a long time. Have a look under there and see if the trap is even there. Aside from that, there are specific distances required between fittings on a sewer line to prevent the siphoning of a trap by the discharge of another fixture. WIthout seeing it, it is a shot in the dark to diagnose. Was the home built in an area that has inspection required of the plumbing contractor?

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          Avatar photopaynejr

            You may be right about a siphoning problem. Even with a continous drip, which would ostensibly keep a leaking P-joint full and water-sealed, I am still occasionally getting a major sewer gas smell. This bathroom in on a concrete slab. The tub is apparantly offset from the P-joint so I can’t see downward ver far. Do you thinkg a plummer with some sort of orthoscopic device might be able to see what the problem is?

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