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      hello do you have any info on GST in regards to what a sole trader is required to do re same i have
      registered and have an abn # .
      All the accounting software has so much in it that i dont need i was wondering if you knew of anything simple
      ie invoice money in money out and what ever needed to satisfy gst requirements im a sole trader no employees
      thanks for your time
      Kevin Byrne

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      gidday,saw your letter to the ed & it seems we are the first of many more to come who can`t decifer where we stand at presentin regard to preparing for the inevitable endless paper war that will cause confusion to start.I think the best way out to start is by playimg safe and continuing to deduct 20% as before on all my weekly pays plus the 10% for my services to the plumbing company so that I theoretically can be ahead on tax.?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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