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      I had my septic system pumped last fall and was told to use a product called Drainz. I have done this and now I notice a strong septic smell outside the house and a lot of ice build up on the side slopes of the leeching field. I called my pumping company and they said to add another treatment of Drainz and they would schedule my system for biannual pumping. The septic odor is strongest after doing laundry or shower usage. Does this sound normal? P.S. The septic system is three years old.

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      Sounds like it might have done something to the bactera in the tank.Sounds like everything is going straight to the field, better have somebody else look at it.

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      A&M Bio-Filters makes the Odorhog. It is a charcoal activated vent filtration system that should help elimate that foul odor outside. Please go to:http://www.odorhog.comfor details

      The Staff @ A&M Bio-Filters

Viewing 2 reply threads
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