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        We have recently moved into a house with its own small sewrage system in the garden (10 Meters from the house)- it is similar to a septic tank, but it uses power and treats the sewerage in some way and then vents into a stream nearby. This is then inspected by the local environment agency. There is an inspection chamber about halfway between the house and the seweage system. The house has 4 floors and the 5″ wastepipe starts at the top floor and routes all through the house rather circuitously. Toilets, baths and sinks go to this pipe via traps in all cases.
        I have noticed that there is no “stink pipe” or vent on this system. So I guess that somehow the methane gasses are finding their way through the traps to cause the smell. Is there any reason why a house would NOT have a stink pipe? The builder of the house has clearly made some shortcuts elsewhwere, so I suspect that he may have not bothered to put a vent in place. Does anyone know of a reason why it should NOT be vented (before I attempt to put a vent in myself?) — Thanks

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          There should be a vent through the roof and all the fix. should be vent seperatly, call your local Plbg. insp. and find out what has to be down. Did you have house inspected before you bought it, it sounds like a homemade Plbg. job.

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          Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

            Mr retired plumbing, the post came from pomyland (POME=Prisoner Of Mother Englandssie for England), I dont know what system they use there but it sounds similar to our elevated drainage system worked on a one pipe sytem, this is one that allows for the drainage to continue to upper floors with waste pipes within distance & one main vent.
            There must be an educt or main vent though.
            Stevebristow, contact a Licensed Plumber or a Industry organisation or maybe a plumbing inspector.

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            Avatar photomikeinpa

              Steve,It does sound like you have similar system of a sovent drainage system s robert said you should have a main vent .

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              Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

                When I first Registered, I put my full name, I wish I had’nt, I only get called Robert when I’me in trouble with me missus & then its time to disappear.

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