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        Okay, here goes. Two years ago, I was downstairs and saw the bathroom ceiling caved in all plaster in the tub. What a mess. We were living in my mother’s house and she just went into the nursing home.

        At any rate, we had plumbers come in and a general contractor. Plumbers and contractors thought no pipes were broken behind the walls. Fixed the ceiling and cleaned up. House insurance paid very little.

        Now, my mother has passed away and I bought the house. This week, the shower upstairs is draining into the tub downstairs. The toilet downstairs will overflow. The upstairs sink is slow but not annoying.

        The Upstairs toilet works fine, but will drain into the tub downstairs. Do I have major problems? Today I used Drano Max. Each drain seems to drain fine on it’s own, but goes somewhere else. I think I have a plumber’s wrench that my parents had, but not sure if I’m strong enough to do traps and stuff.

        HELPPPPPPPPPP! :-)

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        Avatar photoracefanone

          Best bet is have a plumber come out and checkout things .Probably have a plugged main sewer and maybe a few other drains.You will need more than a plumbers wrench to fix the problem.

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