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        I am using cloth diapers, and when my boy poops, it is messy and hard to rinse his diaper in the toilet. I am wondering if I can lay the diaper in the bathtub, scoop out most of the poop, and rinse the diaper off with my detachable shower hose. Will the odors and bacteria stay in the drain or is it safe for me to do this? Thanks a lot!!!

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Its your call , but tub is not for that use,I would think that if you do use the tub it will smell after awhile, but like I say its your call. What do you do with diapers after you rinse them, put them in washer.

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          Avatar photoracefanone

            kphmom,You should get an award for your posting .Don’t forget to rinse the tub before you use it.By the way,you don’t have a garbage disposal,do you? Just wondering.

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            Avatar photobozo

              Hey Mom When you get done cleaning the diapers in the tub,you could put the boy in the toilet for a bath and to rinse him off ,you could just reach up and trip the handle.Who could ask for more,life is grand

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              Avatar photonicktheplumber

                Bath/Shower drains are designed to handle “brownwater,” i.e., potentially and occasionally lightly contaminated by fecal matter and urine…but not “on purpose.” OK, I’m not gonna get into the old discussion of peeing in the shower… I’d guess that quite a few people have done that without any harm. But pooping in the shower is going beyond the pale, so to speak. A (very)little bit of solid waste’s probably ok, but the proper place for fecal (blackwater) waste is in the toilet. The main problem with the bath/shower is its small diameter p-trap, which operates under low pressure. Solid waste will tend to accumlate there, leading to an offensive stink and potential heath hazard.

                I’m new to this site, and I presume all the discussions are more or less serious…

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