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        I am putting in a Whirlpool tub. Everything is going fine but I have one question. I bought a new drain kit to go with the new tub. The box has all the pieces to complete the drain assembly. It has, however, two washers of differing types. One appears to be foam and the other a soft rubber. My question is this. Do these washers go on the inside of the tub and the top of the drain fitting or on just one side. I read the label on my “plumbers putty” and it specifically says “Not for use on plastic”. My whirlpool tub is acrylic (a plastic) so a silicone type sealant is required. Do I use silicone on one side of the fitting and a gasket on the other? Do I use silicone on both sides? Any diagram I have come across only shows a washer but it does not say on which side it goes. I just want to do it right and not have to worry about leakage in the future.


        John W.

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          On a tub the flat washer goes on the tub shoe under neath and the beveled one goes on the overflow on the outside. I dont know about that tub unless i saw a pic. Go to and ask in search. If you have a name for the whirlpool put it in and ask how to install waste& overflow for that tub.

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            John ,use silicone on the part that has the male threads on it.Put the silicone on the underside of it and screw it into the shoe,the part with the female threads. Put enough silicone on it so it oozes out when you tighten it down,don’t get carried away when tightening.Next just wipe off the excess.Hope this helps

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