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      Avatar photoAnonymous

        I am the moderator of the MasterPlumbers.com Drainage and Sewerage Bulletin Board and as such am responsible for monitoring the posted inquiries and responses. I have also been charged with enforcing the rules of the Bulletin Board as follows.

        Important Notice
        Our Bulletin Boards are provided to assist those seeking information about Plumbing, Drainage, Gasfitting and related industries.

        Any posts that are considered offensive/slanderous or are an attack on other users will be removed from the Bulletin Boards.

        Similarly, any advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and/or solicitations will also be removed.

        I will not tolerate personal attacks on those responding to inquiries on this forum, and especially personal attacks on me. It is acceptable to have differing opinions, but if you disagree with another’s response simply state your opinion, and do not engage in name-calling or level personal attacks on a person’s character or intelligence.

        I am implementing the 3 strikes and you’re out rule. After the third violation of the rules by someone posting an inquiry or responding to an inquiry, that user’s future posted messages will be deleted immediately.

        To demonstrate what I believe to be an unacceptable response I have copied and commented on 2 such messages below:

        “Oscar wrote on 05 January 2003 at 5:12 PM:
        John, you remind me of Sylvan,same frame of mind,if you know what I mean.You seem pretty set in your ways.Like I said Iwill used it again if needed.Maybe your poor brother-in-law should have consulted you before he used benonite.you seem to be the expert on everything.”

        Now Oscar, comparing me to Sylvan is truly unfair and incorrect. I do not engage in the self-serving blustering, bragging, personal attacks, and name calling for which Sylvan is famous. I also make a great effort to insure correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and English grammar in my responses. Also, I respond only to the inquiries where I am confident that my response or advice will be helpful, and only to those inquiries having to do with my areas of expertise.

        “jomiester wrote on 05 January 2003 at 08:35 PM:

        Take it easy on John.he can’t help it if he is an expert.the world is full of “them” I have used bentonite for years WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS.just like anything, you got to know what you are doing.if you don’t believe me sk John, right John?”

        Well jomiester, I have spent countless hours reading and studying on the Internet and in the literature having to do with state-of-the-art sewage treatment systems, and have spent countless hours in the trenches installing the hundreds of septic systems which I have designed. I have also designed and installed many drainage systems for homes and other buildings in my 27 year career. So if these successful accomplishments qualify me as an “expert”, then I guess that is what I am, and in my view, it is a title of which I can be proud.

        John Aldrich (Septic Tank Yank)
        Septic System Consultant
        Timnath, Colorado USA

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        Avatar photooscar

          Shame on you John,Calling Sylvan all those things.You sholud edit or delete your own replies.But you can get away with it,right? cause you are the head cheese

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          Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

            oscar, obviously you were never the target of Sylvan’s many venomous personal attacks. Many qualified plumbers declined to participate on the Bulletin Board because they did not choose to become victims of Sylvan’s attacks on their character and intelligence simply because Sylvan had a different approach to solving plumbing problems.

            I encourage active discussion of alternative approaches, and we can do that without getting personal. Simply state your position and let the person asking for a solution decide the best course of action for their specific problem.

            Now that I am the “Head Cheese” so to speak, the MasterPlumbers.com Drainage and Sewerage Bulletin Board will not allow the practice of personal attacks to remain on the Board. I am not ashamed of leveling those charges against Sylvan because the charges are true and justified.

            If you have interpreted any of my posts as a personal attack, I apologize, and if you will specifically identify a response that you feel violates the rule, and I agree, then I will edit or delete that response. I pledge to be fair in my editing responsibility. My responses and new posts are reviewed by Ed and Lorenzo, the webmasters in Five Docks Australia, so if either of those gentlemen feel that I am violating the rules, they will edit or delete my responses, and will terminate my responsibility to moderate the Bulletin Board.

            I would appreciate hearing from other regular responders to the Drainage and Sewerage Bulletin Board regarding their view of this issue.

            John Aldrich (Septic Tank Yank)
            Septic System Consultant
            Timnath, Colorado USA

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            Avatar photobozo

              John,What started this mess was your reply about the use of bentonite.Seems as though some have used it with no problems.Just because you have not used it ,doesn’t mean it won’t work.Where would we be if everyone was like that?What woks for one might not work for others.Go Figure

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              Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                Bozo, I think that you are missing the point. Please allow me to repeat the point that I was attempting to make.

                “I will not tolerate personal attacks on those responding to inquiries on this forum, and especially personal attacks on me. It is acceptable to have differing opinions, but if you disagree with another’s response simply state your opinion, and do not engage in name-calling or level personal attacks on a person’s character or intelligence.”

                If you will reread the response that I posted regarding my recommendation to avoid the use of Bentonite to solve the leaking basement wall, you will notice that I did not cast insults, nor did I question anyones professionalism or character. I merely stated my opinion in regard to the correct course of action for clangr to take. So you see, Bozo, its about the proper etiquette in making responses to an inquiry.

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                Avatar photoRepublic

                  sticks and stones.
                  Get over it.

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                  Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                    Republic, the insults and name calling directed at me have no impact on my self-esteem considering the apparent lack of intelligence of those who engage in this activity, but my responsibility as moderator of the Bulletin Board is to enforce the rules.

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                    Avatar photoRetired plbg1

                      I am with you 100%. Those 2 guys have been saying things about my postings. But like you said I don’t pay any attention to them. I have been at the trade for 53 yrs. and I know things, but not everything so if thats what they like to do then let them.

                      » This message has been edited by John Aldrich on 09 January 2003

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                      Avatar photoRepublic

                        I dont get it. Unless someone is actually offened, until they let it be known so, it’s not really an insult or offensive. What happens if the moderator considers a comment a personal attack on someone, but that someone does not? Even retired wrote that he pays them no attention. I don’t recall reading that anyone was offened(if there were-my mistake). My recommendation: objective ignorance of all partys. In other words; dont take it so personal and get on with the disscussion.(for you less technical, less complicated types) I did a job for a “scientist” the other day and he disputed me on my slight variation of terminology of the his problem. He literally lashed out me “Thats not whats happening!!!” I wont get into details, but it was a minor, minor detail I assure you. He lost all objectivness to the discussion and my service ended with a sarcastic comment from him using my variated term. I paid him no attention an went on with my day.

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                        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                          Republic, defining offensive and insulting is a difficult task. A corollary to this is when a US Senator, who’s name escapes me at the moment, said in reference to a definition of pornography, “I can’t define pornography, but I know it when I see it.” Well, I can determine the difference between a serious response to an inquiry and a personal attack on someone who responds to an inquiry, and the attacker disagrees with the responder. Indeed, Retired Plbg doesn’t allow the personal attacks to bother him, much to his credit, but the fact remains that he did suffer a personal attack and an attempt was made to insult him.

                          Take a look at the serious inquiry posted by kphmom, OK TO CLEAN DIAPERS IN THE BATHTUB. Now this lady has a serious concern, and Bozo has responded with what he thinks is humorous in answer to her dilemma in his response. It is ok for responders to add a little humor in their responses, but the response should also contain a serious answer to the inquirer’s question. This may not appear to be too important to you, but take a look at the next response from nicktheplumber. He gives a very good, serious answer to the question, and then ends his response with the following:

                          “I’m new to this site, and I presume all the discussions are more or less serious…”

                          It is obvious to me that nicktheplumber questions the seriousness of this Bulletin Board based entirely upon Bozo’s frivilous response to kphmom’s question.

                          John Aldrich (Septic Tank Yank)

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                          Avatar photoModerator

                            If you don’t know the rules, please read them.

                            Let’s keep the board clean.

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