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      Avatar photoCarl H

        We noticed a sewage smell in our main floor bathroom, and could hear water gurgling in the tub when the toilet was flushed. Plumber came out today, snaked the sewer line and tacked up a sagging pipe in the basement. This took about 40 minutes, and he charged us $240. What do you think?

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          tc, If the plumber solved the odor problem and eliminated the irritating gurgling noise in the tub, then I would say that you received good service at a fair price. Consider the cost of doing business in the Plumbing trade today, and the cost of the equipment, tools, and training the Plumber must acquire and maintain. Believe me, the Plumber had a lot more than 40 minutes invested in that job.

          John Aldrich (Septic Tank Yank)
          Septic System Consultant (Not A Plumber)
          Timnath, Colorado USA

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          Avatar photooscar

            Tc I would say you got ripped off,big time.Course that is just my two cents worth. I have been in the plbg.htg. business for 38 years and still going strong.

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