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      Avatar photoGreg Liu

        I installed a toilet flange (cast iron) on a ceramic floor 15 years ago and installed a toilet. 5 years ago (House built in 1976) I put in a new toilet on the same flange. Just recently I noticed a sewer gas smell coming from one side of the base of the toilet. I replaced the wax ring and the smell continues on one side of the base of the toilet.
        The flange is a cast iron flange set in a 3″ cast iron pipe with an oakum type sealant. The sealant is solid as a rock and seems to be intact. The toilet does not seem to be cracked anywhere. Strange that this problem has started after all these years. And it comes from only one side of the toilet base.
        Any thoughts??? Thanks.


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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Did you use new wax ring, does bowl wobble, try a half of wax ring on side that you get the smell,.

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          Avatar photostjimm

            Thank you for your reply.
            The wax ring was new. The bowl does not wobble. This smell seem to come out of nowhere. However, this toilet bowl has seen its share of plunger action. Can that cause a failure in the was ring? Just curious from someone that knows more about these things than me.
            Anyway, back to my problem.
            I used a “Harvery’s No-Seep No.3 ring” I bought at Menards.
            I may try a No. 10 ring which is thicker yet. Please clarify your comment on “half a ring on the side that smells.” Are you suggesting I use two rings (one on top of the other) or one ring with a half ring on top of the full single ring on the side that smells.
            Thank you for your help with this. It is driving me crazy. I have wet towels around the base of the toilet now to keep the smell away.

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            Avatar photobozo

              Use a #1 no- seep wax ring.Dont use a half ring.

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