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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Yes, I’m fighting one now. Its the main cleanout and old as dirt. Heated the collar (for lack of the right word)for an hour, trying to avoid heating the plug too much. Put a wrench on the plug and felt it move. But did not see it move at the threads. I had begun to tear the plug apart.

        Probably should have torn it out and chiseled out the rest, but was hoping there was a tip out there somewhere.

        End goal is to snake the main to the street and replace the plug only w/ pvc. Can’t cut into pipe downstream due to concrete. (can, don’t want to)

        Any help?

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Take a chisel and hammer and hit it counter clock wise are cut off hex head and use sawsall and cut it out, when you heated it for so long the co. turned in the joint, if you heated it for an hr. you should have melted out the lead.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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