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      I am remodeling a 33 year old bathroom and took out a 60″ 30″ cast iron tub. The new tub has an 18″ rough in for the drain and the old one was 15″, can I just put a ninety on the old drain to move it over or do I need to go down to the cast iron drain pipe and change it there?

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      Never heard of a roughin for a tub at 18″ or 15″, what kind of tub you got, reg. bathtub roughin is about 7/8″ to 1- 7/8″ from wall. if you can use 2 45 fitting it would be better but you could use 2 90s.

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      I wasn’t very clear about the drain rough in. From the backwall to the center of the drain is 15″ now, the new tub will be 18″. Does that make any more sense?

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      Retired plbg1

      Are you talking from side wall then you are right, half the tub to center and 1- 7/8″ from front wall.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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