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      big brett

      We are in a 30 year old house on a septic system. Recently we have been noticing septic odours from the upstairs toilet area and the kitchen sink drain area. I have read a lot about “traps” but I don’t understand how a toilet can smell if the bowl is full?? Please educate me and offer some suggestions. Thank you.

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      Retired plbg1

      Maybe you have to reset your bowl with a new wax ring. My tank would smell out the vents on roof so i dug it up and put in a trap and it is okay now. You could have a cracked pipe in the wall and if plumbing is short of vents it could be syphoning the traps and let gas in.

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      Hi – thank you for your reply. The upstairs toilet – the one I am noticing odours from – was just redone with a new wax ring. It hat rotted away teh fibreboard floor below it so we had to put a new piece of plywood to raise it up. Now with the new positioning and new wax ring, the toilet does not wobble or lean, but the bathroom now smells….any thoughts??

Viewing 2 reply threads
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