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        I have a tri-level home constructed in 1999. The home is served by a septic system. All installations were done by Professional Master Plumbers. An ongoing problem has been a sewer gas smell that is most noticeable when I walk in the house from outside (from fresh air into “stinky” house). This is far worse int he winter when the huse is closed up. O don’t find this situation to be affected by wind. My husband says he can’t smell it, but to me it is very strong. We were recently gone for two weeks. When we came home I unlocked the door and the house smelled just fine — no sewer smells. We have been home two days and the sewer smells are back as strong as ever. I do laundry, run the dishwasher, and shower in our bathroom at least once every day and sometimes more than that. We have three bathrooms and we use all of the commodes and bidet when we are home, which is almost always (this was our first vacation in several years). The sinks in the two extra baths aren’t used as often and we have three bathtubs that are rarely used. We had the septic tank pumped in August before we had a lot of company come to stay with us and that made no difference in the odor. The person who pumped the tank said nothing looked abnormal to him. I have been reading this message board and have looked at similar situations and the replies have suggested looking for broken lines, installing a main line trap, bad seals, and situations where seldon or never used fixtures where the water in the trap could be evaporating. Our plumber is a nice person, but he doesn’t seem to take my concerns any more seriously than my husband. I have had him here several times since the home was finished in July of 1999 and he claims he doesn’t smell anything either. A friend stopped by last night and she said she can smell the bad odor when first coming into the home just like I can. I would like some ideas. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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          It could be the sewer gas comming out of the vent stacks and blowing in your attic house vents, try a trap in main line before the tank, thats what I did and it stopped.

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