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      We have a small bar sink and 1/2 bath with sink in our basement that has a pump. We just moved in and oday a plumber came in didn’t look at the Sewage Ejector and said that we need a new one 45 gpm/10 HD.15 amp. Cost almost $1100! Is this a fair price? Also once he left we plugged it in and it just ran as if the float was stuck. Are we getting taken to the crapper (pun intended) We just don’t have that kind of money.Thanks

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      John Aldrich1

      Sharron, I am not a plumber, and I cannot “second guess” a plumber who has seen the situation. Eleven hundred dollars may be a fair price for the amount of work entailed in changing out the sewage ejector pump in the area in which you live. You did not indicate in your inquiry where you live, and there is a large range of hourly rates for licensed plumbers depending upon the geographic location of your home in the world. If you live in Australia, then the $1,100 AU sounds like a very low estimate.

      A good quality sewage ejector pump can cost between $600 US and $800 US. There may be additional materials required to complete the job so that it can be approved by a plumbing inspector.

      If you have a bad feeling about the honesty of the plumber, then I recommend that you get a second opinion. If the second plumber’s estimate is in the same range and you cannot afford it, then your options are to do it yourself, or discontinue the use of the basement bar sink and 1/2 bath.

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      Ken Zoeller

      The list price for a 2 inch solids handling sewage pump that will pump 45 GPM at 10FT is $259 for a M211 (mostly plastic), $295.70 for a M264 (mostly cast iron) and $366 for M267 (all cast iron). Go to to see the models listed. Your total cost will include labor. Get another estimate. With a labor rate of $75 to $100 per hour you are looking at a 3 to 4 hour DIRTY job if you know what you are doing, maybe.

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      John Aldrich1

      Sharron and Ken, Please forgive my inaccurate estimate for the cost of the M267 sewage ejector pump. I based my estimate of cost on a quote that I received from a plumber a couple of years ago. This quote must have reflected the plumbers mark-up of materials, typically 100%.

      The factory price of $366 is indeed a bargain, considering the quality of the all cast iron pump. I recommend purchasing the best pump available for this important application.

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      Ken Zoeller

      This is a clarification of what I posted about labor rates on Dec 23,2002. I stated that “With a labor rate of $75 to $100 per hour” the job could be calculated to be what it would be. Some one objected to my trying to set rates that could put him out of business if he charged that low a rate. A very valid concern. What I failed to state was in my area the rate could be $75 to $100 per hour. In other areas it could higher or lower. I am sorry if I upset anyone with my mistake to apply LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION to my comments..

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