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      We purchased an 8 year old home this summer. We were unaware it had a Grinder Pump System until I started to smell sewage in our home last week, the alarm for the system was off. (Our home inspector didn’t know what the control panel with the light was, I have to give the guy a call) The system is a Hydromatic Simplex Suspended System, model # AHG-SPGA 200 M 2-2 Phase 1 Volts 230. Our home has 5 bath rooms and all waste pumps into the system. I also have 3 small children who love to flush the toliet.
      I called my plumber out who said a paper towel and plastic applicator were stuck in it and the pump had burned up. He quoted me $1,600 to replace the pump. I took the pump to a commerical pump repair shop, who confirmed that the pump was a lost cause. He told me cost on the replacement Hydromatic Pump, HPG 200 M-2-2, would be $1050 and I would also need a new start relay, start capacitor, and run capacitor.
      I have a few questions:
      Should I replace the pump with only a Hydromatic pump? What brand of pumps are better quality, what brands should I stay away from? I know the rail system may have to be modified if a change the pump brand and one plumber I called wants to do this.
      Should the tank be throughly cleaned out before a new pump is installed?
      How long should a pump last?
      Should I have yearly maintence done on this system?
      How do I find a plumber/septic person I can trust to do this repair? These systems are not common in Indianapolis, and none of my neighbors have had theirs worked on yet.
      Thanks for any assistance,
      Suzanna Annakin

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      Retired plbg1

      All I can tell you is call your local plumbers union hall and ask them are the Plumbing dept. at your city hall. Ask the pump co. if they have some reliable people.

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