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      Most toilets that have internal toilet bowl scum and/or staining, have it only about half an inch below and above the normal toilet bowl level. When spraying on powerful cleaners just above the water line, the cleaners slide down into into the water. The ring just below water level cleans; bit not just above.

      Possible solution: if I could lift up a spring loaded (normally center position) flush handle, and while holding the handle up, the toilet bowl water would raise an inch, and I could add water borne cleaning chemicals which would stay in contact with all the dirty ring area untill I released the spring-loaded, normally centered flush handle to it’s centered position. Then flush.

      I think such a three-way flush handle controlled, temporarily high water level system would make eliminating waterline scum and filth, much easier.

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      you can only put so much water in a bowl and it runs over in the trap, you would have to have a different design.

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