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        I very recently moved into an approximately 75 year old house. Since moving in, we have had water flooding our basement whenever we would run our dishwasher, washing machine and sometimes shower. Yesterday we had a plumber out to snake the sewer line. He said he hit roots and would come back today with a more powerful root cutting type snake. (I don’t know what it is called.) The put that through and hit and went through a lot of roots, pulling out what they described as at least 2 feet of dense roots. They claim they got all the way to our clean out, which is nearly to the end of our property. The problem is now worse than ever, with no water flowing through our sewer pipe. Even a toilet flush backs up the system. I now concerned that by morning I am going to have one stinking mess of a basement. How can they have snaked out the roots, gotten to the cleanout, and now absolutely no water sppears to be flowing? What is the next step? Should I use the same guys or start fresh with someone new? How do you find a truly good plummber — are there specific credentials to ask for? I just want this fixed, but I don’t even know what the next question to ask should be. Any advice?
        Thank you. [email protected]

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          1. Call the drain cleaner back.. A good drain cleaner will stand behind their work.
          2. How to tell if you have a good plumber/drain cleaner… see #1
          3. If you have that much roots in the line we would recommend either replacing the line or a maintenance program to keep the roots out.

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