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      Avatar photoDave Pryer

        We have a two story home. Tonight my husband noticed a pipe in the basement leaking. We have a bathroom on the first floor where the toilet has been periodically needing to be plunged recently. He thought maybe it had overflowed. However, we could find no water anywhere to be the cause for the leaking pipe in the basement. Now, one of our second floor bathrooms is backing up or flushing very slowly. It backs up to the rim before then going on down the drain. Even then, it doesn’t completely flush down the drain. My husband is using a snake on it tonight, which doesn’t seem to be helping it to flush any better. This all seems to be coincidental to be happening all around the same time. My husband can’t figure out how the two bathrooms would be related as he says their on separate plumbing. Any ideas as to what our next step would be? thanks so much.

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          Hell pin KC. Its only a guess but you might have a blockage in the main drain. I dont think your husbands snake is the answer though. Streuth, for a few bob you could coax a Licensed Plumber to do the job properly.
          However clearing a blocked drain may not fix the problem, if it continues I would suggest having your drainage videoed to see the true state of your drg, hell you might find the problem in the council sewer so they would then liable to fix the problem.

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