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      Im looking to add a bath to the basement of my home, in Chicagoland . I have a full basement with a poured floor and block walls. What should I ask for and look for from the plumbers I call for estimates. I want at least a shower toilet and lav. I do not have a sump / pump but I do have floor drains. Questions…
      Can job be done during winter …. resale wise would a tub be better than just a shower … how long should a job like this take and what is a ballpark figure for a roughin

      Thanks, Soilstack

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      Most of time they put in showers. Make sure he is a Licensed Plumber and that he takes out a permit. It depends on how much of the floor you break out, try to get him to lay it out and you break concrete and dig, and you will save on that. In my area It runs any where from $1400.00 to $2000.00 + or -. It depends mostly on the going price in your area.

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