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        I recently took on the task of replacing an OLD fiberglass shower liner (circa 1970’s) with a new cast iron tub and tile shower surround. I’ve never done any home remodeling before, but I’m the kind of person that’s always liked taking things apart and putting them back together so I figured what the hey.

        Anyway, after a few days hassle of tearing out the old installation, and lugging a cast iron tub up 2 flights of stairs (never again!), I am at a point where I need to remove the old drain/overflow valve combo from the drain trap (forgive my terminology, I may be way off), and then replace it with a new drain/overflow combo to fit the new tub.

        My problem is that the old drain/overflow was copper connected to PVC, and it appears that some sort of PVC Cement was used to ensure that the two attached well and didn’t leak. What is the best way of going about a removal here? Is there something I can purchase to dissolve the PVC Cement to allow for the removal of the old drain/overflow “T” combo? Or should I saw off the base of the PVC threads and find some way to re-cement some new PVC to the old PVC, and then connect the new drain/overflow combo. I’d really appreciate any help.


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          Mike ,I would cut off the pvc and attach a trap adaptor.You might have to first use a pvc coupling and a short piece of pvc pipe and then the trap adaptor.The trap adaptor is nothing more than a male adaptor with a slip nut and gasket.The slip nut and gasket fits onto the waste and overflow and tightens down on the male threads of the trap adaptor.Hope this helps you You didnt say if there was a trap on the existing line.I assume there is ,if not you will need to install one.

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