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      W. C. Nichols

      My new sink is much deeper than the old one.
      After installing the garbage disposal, I noticed that the drain coming out of the wall is higher than the drain on the disposal. I got the pipes all hooked up and the sink drains, however there is always water in the garbage disposal. About 1/2 an inch. Is this a big problem? Do I need to cut into the wall and lower the pipes to drain properly? Any input would be very helpful.
      Thank you,

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      did you shorten the garbage disposer tailpiece as much as possible?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Jim. No there is no problem, just turn the muncher on every now & then to kill the bugs. & maybe get some disinfectant to make it smell ok.
      Have you thaught of lifting the sink to accomodate the waste?
      Ime sure Mr Aquaticow could get Mr ARGUS to send some of his APRICOT NUTS to put down your drain.

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      A disposer kit,the one with the diverter tee,might work.With this kit you dont need a tailpiece on the disposer.I think Bob has got the right answer.You should of used boning rods to check out things before you started.Iam sure Argus would of loaned you his.

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      Jim Haskell

      Hello again-
      I do have the diverter tee. The disposal comes straight across into it. The tee goes down and back up to a 90 and out the wall.
      When looking at the pipes, the hole on the disposal is lower than the pipe going out the wall. So it does not drain all of the water out of the disposal
      I don’t know what boning rods are and I don’t know anything about Argus. Who is that?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Jim, I’me sorry, I was being a little sarcastic.
      I really dont believe that we, as licensed plumbers should be giving advice to leypeople, so that they can carry out licensable work for which we have had to do a 5 year apprenticeship.
      Mr Argus was a leyperson that has decided to be a Plumber & Mr Race to the phone has been a little sarcastic to him as well. SHAME ON YOU Mr Racetothephone.

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      Jim Haskell

      Sorry, I did not know that this was a site for plumbers only. I was just looking for some on line help. I am a do it yourself guy do to a small pocket and in no way want to take away jobs nor do it think I am a pro.
      I will move on.
      Thanks anyway,

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      one last shot try a different disposer, maybe you’ll find one with a higher discharge.

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