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      on the boiler

      65 year old house with water coming into basement corner and garage corner (back to back). Corner is right next to window well which is covered with plaastic bubble. Water comes in 24-48 hours after rain.
      Don’t want to spend a fortune waterproofing entire basement, just repair.
      Do I need plumber, water proofing company or builder?
      What are the issues relating to the window well?

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      two things i did helped me solve the same problem first make sure outside ground slants away from wall if that does not solve problem about 3 in. up on wall drill hole into wall water should come out of wall. then about 4 in. from wall drill hole into floor into drain tile under floor ,water will run from wall to floor tile if you want add a piece of cooper pipe from wall to floor hole this worked great for me

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      Retired plbg1

      If you can raise window well up fill in with dirt . Make sure gutters are not drainning close by, detour them if they are.

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