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      I am purchasing a 60 year old house with original cast iron drain pipes. The seller’s home inspection shows the drain pipes as “deteriorated – drain line has been wire brushed and painted”. My home inspector said the pinholes in cast iron pipes are self-sealing and the drain pipes should last another 50 years. I also checked with the company that cleans the sewer lines for this house and they said the lines to the puplic sewer system have to be cleared of tree roots once or twice a year. Are the pinholes and tree roots in cast iron pipes a sign of major problems to come? Any advice regarding life expectancy and problems associated with cast iron pipes is appreciated.

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      What kind of inspector did you have? I can not believe he or she knows anything about plumbing.

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      Wallingford Plm+Htg

      I would check with Nick Hydro,he is an expert on the benefits of cast iron pipe.

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