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      Avatar photoRobert Phillips

        My home was built in 1986 with a pit sump pump that has worked flawlessly. It probably only gets a total of about 2 hours a year of active operation. However, because of the consequences of failure (flooding finsihed basement) I am wondering whether and when I should replace it. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are welcome!



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        Avatar photoKen Zoeller

          John, rather than replace your pump consider adding a second pump with 2 check valves(one in each discharge to a common line going out). The new unit to be placed on a block so that the “on” point is just above the “on” point of the old unit. OR use a 12v. back up unit. This will cover you in a power failure, were the second pump idea would not. Go to to see 3 or 4 different type of back up units. Add an alarm or a SMART PAK Go to to see one. This gives you an alarm and controls a second pump.

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