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        My septic has been failing for ~18 months. I have a new system in place waiting for a new house that’s being built, but I’m still hooked up to the old one. Please don’t ask how long – It’s a sore subject. About the time the old system started failing, my washing machine started rinsing poorly, clothes come out with residue, not very clean. I was told this was due to the septic and not the washer by several people including the guy who came to work on the old system, the inspector for the new system, and a friend who had a similar problem that resolved after getting a new septic system. If I get a new washer and it really is a problem with the septic, then I’ve just thrown money away. Ditto if I pay some bozo a minimum of 100$ to come look at the machine and tell me it can’t be fixed. If I wait to get a new washer with the new house, I’ll never know. I have several relatives (scientist and engineer types) who insist its impossible for the septic system to effect the washer this way. I’m sick and tired of clothes not getting clean. And I have to report back to some very intelligent, but absolutely annoying relatives on this. Please advise.

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          Hi sueen
          I think it is unlikely that the failing septic is cusing your washing machine problems. The only way it could cause problems is if the liquid cannot get out into the soil and is backing up through the tank and prteventing your rinse water from being dumped. If this is the case,then when your washing macine is emptying, your toilets would also back up if you tried to flush them at the same time. You could test this out. Another way to check, would be to get a 40 Litre drum and discharge your washing machine directly into it, instead of into the drain – if your wash comes out clean, then this would indicate the septic blockage is causing the problem. Washing places the largest flowrate into the septic, and is when septic problems are more noticeable. Hope this helps.


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