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      Avatar photoBruce Wayne Fitzgerald

        It is said that you have t have 2% grade or 1/4″ per foot fall on a 4″ sanitary line. On the level is this 1/8 bubble or 1/4 bubble?

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        Avatar phototobes

          Measure exactly to 1 foot on your level and put a mark, next cut a 1/4″ piece of cu tube, wood etc and place your level on a level surface with the 1/4″ piece at the 1 foot mark this will tell you where your bubble is for 1/4″ fall /foot

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          Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

            Tobes. come on, 30 years ago we used to screw a screw into the level at 2ft so that we could adjust the fall, the screw also acted as a indicator of a lip or gap when the level was pushed over the joint then we used to swab the pipe of loose cement. today we use lasers to guarantee fall. Do they have lasers in Western Australia? & what about PVC pipe?

            Regards Bob

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            Avatar phototobes

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              Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

                Tobes. verrrry droll.
                Where in Western Aust do you come from – near Antarctica or up near Qld?
                Hey, do you know where bubbles in spirit levels come from? – from a little animal that crawls across the bottom of the ocean . & thats a FACT!

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