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      My sump pump runs every 10-15 minutes even in a drought. The water is heavy with iron sediment that tends to clog my discharge pipes from pump. I am told there may be a creek or stream under my house! What can I do? The pump running all the time is driving me crazy as is the iron sediment.

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      ran into the same problem a couple years ago try substituting a upright ( non-submersible) sump-pump and adjust the float so that the pump only kicks on if the pump crock is completely full

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      Ken Zoeller

      Before you go and buy a pedistal pump, unplug your unit and wait to see if the sump will fill to a point. If water comes up and starts to over flow, plug it back in real kwik. This means what worked for the other guy will not work for you. Go get a float switch on a cord that will increase your on off level and at least the punp will not turn on as often.

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      i disagree both solutions do the same thing by moving the set point of the float up as high as possible yours is a cheaper alternative good thinking

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      No matter how high I set the water level, the pump still will run every 15 minutes. I am trying to find a solution (if there is one) to the fact that I may have a stream under my house causing the water in my pit to be filled with iron sediment. Am I just stuck with a pump that will constantly run?

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      Any one else around you having the same problem?

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      My one neighbor next door has the same problem.

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