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      I have a problem with a line beneath my toilet that is 50% blocked by grout. It appears the construction crew poured their leftover grout down the toilet during a remodel before I bout the place. If I remove the toilet I can get to some of it but it goes deeper than that. Is there a solvent that can be used to remove the grout (and not kill my septic tank)?

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Jeff. If you lived in Australia I would complain to the relevant Building Authority. But you give no indication of where you emanate. Why not put in a claim against you Houshold insurance & let the Insurers find the culprit?
      If you called in a Licensed Plumber to find the problem he may have to excavate to find the problem, fixing the may be part of the reinstatement but most would be covered by houshold insurance provided you did use fully Licensed persons to carry out the reno’s, if not all cost will be borne by yourself.
      Another reason to only employ fully Licensed & master Plumbers.
      Regards Bob

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      jimbo in Texas

      If, If, your very careful, use alittle muratic acid. Muratic will eat concrete and I have used it personally without hurting the septic system. I would use small doses at a time. Try a cup, let it set for 2 or 3 days and check it. etc…..

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