Are there any recomended chemicals to clean out urinal drains?

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        Are there any chemicals that could be used to clean out urinal drain lines? I would like to find a chemical that would not harm the plumbing pipes and clean the drain lines out without pulling the urinal off the wall. The Kohler urinals that are used in the buildings that I am responsible for have an intrical trap and a cable is not able make the bends. In order to cable the urinal it has to be pulled off the wall. Any suggestions would help!null

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          Call a plumber.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            In reply to message posted by racefanone:
            Call a plumber.

            Perfect answer as any chemicals you would recommend would be dangerous to the non knowing and who needs the aggravation of trying to give all the viable options.

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            Avatar photoCLOGCLEANER

              We unstop lots of urinals. We use the urinal auger by Rigid, but lots of Plumbing supply stores have them. The chemical that i used earlier in my career is called Clobber. It will eat through all that hair,gum and shit, but dont pour it in the urinal if water is sittin in it or it will splash back on you and burn you. To be sfe I would call a drain cleaning company in your area and let them clean/unstop that line. We usually charge $50.00 to unstop a urinal in my area.


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