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      Recently I noticed my washtub backing up somewhat when the washer drains. The washer drains into a wall fitting but the tub and washing machine share the same drain. I made a note to snake the drain. Last night I found that my Culligan water treatment plant which has operated for ten years, caused flooding into the basement. The water came from what appears to be a breather valve placed at the highest point in the system. The system was going through a backflush procedure when this happened.

      My home is eleven years old and has been relatively free of plumbing problems so I am thinking that these occurances, in close proximity to each other, may be related. As I am not a plumber, my first thought was that they are tied together via a common vent which services that side of the house. I’m thinking I need to go on the roof and if I can find nothing obvious, call my plumber. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Am I completely off track?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Bingo, even if your vent was missing your drains should slowly drain. Call a licensed plumber.
      dont waste your time.

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      Dont call a plumber..$$$$$$$$…call a well-known drain cleaner in your area…your problem sounds pretty routine for any experienced drain cleaner and it should take him about 20-30 minutes to clear your line or diagnose your problem.


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