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      Benito Martinez

      We have a very old home that all of a sudden is taking in water! It has a rock wall structure with a cement trough all around to collect water if it does flood I guess. There is a 10′ 9×9 cement hole where the water comes into the house from outside line, the line goes to 2 fixtures and then extends into the basement where the pump and holding tank are. But the trough keeps filling up and so does this other 9×9 room. Could it be that because there is no frost, we are taking in this water. I live in Michigan. Any help truly would be appreciated. Please email me. Thanks so much!! deenerbi@hotmail.com null


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      Have you considered hiring a “Water proofing Engineer” to possibly re rout the water infiltration?

      Has anyone checked your water main/storm lines/sewer piping for possible breaks?

      Good luck

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