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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        We recently purchased an older home with radiator heat. We are installing central heat/air and
        wondered if there was any salvage/resale value in the radiators.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          My, My did you SCREW UP?

          Who talked you into giving up warm,
          comfortable steam/hydronic heat for
          SCORCHED AIR with lots of DUST and uneven heat and air borne dust mites. Amazing how ONE size fits all HUH? How can someone Properly size a heating AND cooling duct to be the SAME SIZE?
          Physics at work DUH???

          Scorched Air is amazing cause as soon as the furnace shuts down GOOD BYE HEAT.UNLESS your house is AIR tight and then THATS even worse

          Changing dusty filters for fun and profit, catching the good OLE hospital DRY cough having to put moisture into your home AHHHH the Joys of Forced air systems.

          I love the noise of the wind tunnel as the CFM rattles throughout the ducts.
          Who the heck would ever want Quiet dependable Hydronic CHEAPER to operate water/steam heating systems? Why have a heating system/steam When they can settle for a DUEL system that when one fails they Both Need Replacement..YUP God Bless Sales reps working on commissions and Architechs and Designers.

          Think about this… MOST great conductors of electricity ALSO are great conductors of HEAT.. Air isnt really that well known as a conductor IN most CIVILIZED countries Air can even be considered an “insulator” like a double pane window HUH? Save your Radiators for in 15-20 Years your going to need em.

          “One born every minute”


      Viewing 1 reply thread
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