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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I just wondered what some of the rates are around the country for cleaning sewers.
        small inside lines tub/sink/laundry to 3″or 4″ main lines with co out side.
        how about if you have to pull a wc or go on the roof and down the vent?do you push the sale of any root destroying liqueds.
        thanks bill
        new jersey usa

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Routine stoppage $125 up to a half HR. 4″ pipe up to 100 ft

          Running snake Both direction ADD another $125

          Cleaning out the main house trap in conjunction with the snaking $75.00

          Total for a service figure we get $325.00 up to 30 minutes

          Water Jetting 3″-5″ lines $150 EA. 15 or more billed at $125 ea.

          Basin stoppage $100 UNLESS the trap had to be removed then it is $100 plus snaking time and parts

          Bathtub stoppage or toilet $125

          If the water closet has to be taken up $100 for “plumbing plus parts and $125 for snaking

          These are all my minimum prices.

          Any drain run longer then 100 ft I charge $250 from 101-200 ft

          Grease traps up to 50 pounds $350 up to one hr.

          Now most drain that would take say 45 minutes to 1 hr we get $125 for the 1st half hr. THEN another $125 for the next part of the hr up to an hour.

          Example ONE a 3″ line 75 ft run taking 45 minutes I charge $250 plus tax

          Example TWO a 3″ line 110 feet long 15 minutes $250

          Example THREE a 2″ -4″ line 110 ft long taking 1 hr to clear will cost someone

          First 100 ft $125

          2nd hundred $125

          First half hr $125

          2nd half $125

          This is excluding cleaning out the main trap up to 4″ $75

          Piping ABOVE 4″ is billed higher

          20″ piping and above $500 for the 1st half hr or any part threre of

          Water Jetting in lieu of snaking figure 20% more

          Snaking and water Jetting ADD 50% to the above prices

          Video inspection $500 first half hr

          Pipe Locating with video inspection $750 per half hr.

          Written report EXTRA

          Any other questions feel free to E mail me

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            I forgot to mention I use NO chemicals.. As a professional I know my work is right and my prices are correct so I do not need to push chemicals to supplement my income.

            Proper rodding and or Jetting is the key not pushing snake oils to the victims like some of the low life’s do knowing that there work is not that good so they have to depend on chemicals like acids to make up for their lack of skills.

            A lot of the chemicals can kill the good bacteria like anaerobic germs that help break down solids.

            Personally Let the folks pour hot water down the drain with food coloring and save their money to hire a professional every few years.

            Make your money honestly and forget the SCAMS out there (Sewer Cleaning And Maintenance Stuff)

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            Avatar photoCLOGCLEANER

              My company is into “volume” drain cleaning, therefore our prices are much lower than Sylvan’s…We charge $59.95 to unstop a sewerline from cleanout and an additional $20.00 if we go from the roof or pull a commode. We charge $49.95 for any 2″ drain stoppage from roof or clean-out. Be sure to shop around and dont get caught paying $125.00+ just to unstop the dam sewerline.

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              Avatar photodoubled

                well the plumbers before me coverd just abought everything im an owner operator i try to stay off the roof i sugest installing a proper clean out

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                Avatar photoNotuboo

                  I thought I had high rates!

                  Any drain other than main $82. Mainline $125 first 100′ – $135 for next 100′.

                  Pull toilet $189

                  Crawlspace w/ helper $200 + mainline rate

                  Video $225 – locate w/video $325

                  Parts extra on all.

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                  Avatar photorobertgf

                    notuboo, i think your rates are right on the money. 60 bucks to cleanout a sewer line? wouldn’t be worth me starting my truck up!

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