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        I am wanting to add a toilet to a new bathroom that is adjacent to a toilet in another bathroom. This toilet would attach to a 3 inch horizontal pipe that is 29 inches behind the other toilet on the same 3 inch pipe. The far toilet would be approximately 6 feet from the main 3inch vertical stack which this horizontal pipe hooks into. Can I connect two toilets on the same horizontal pipe? The far toilet I suppose would hook up with a closet bend so what connect would I use for the toilet in between the toilet and the vertical stack? Any replies would be much appreciated. Thanks

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          I would never put 2 toilets on a 3″ line BUT considering a lot of the new toilets are 1.6 GPF and your not going to flush both at the exact same time and of course your going to check your local codes first Go for it

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          Avatar photofourth year

            Our code says you can connect three toilets on a 3″ pipe as long as the third one is at least 15′ from the other two. But if I read you question properly, you are going to connect the new toilet to the closet bend of the existing one. If that is what you plan, then it is not allowed. Unless you also install a vent between the existing toilet’s closet bend floor connection and the new toilet’s combination Y-1/8 bend. And with that configuration, the new toilet would probably also need a vent from its horizontal pipe, since it would essentially be wet vented.

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