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        Hello,I am working in a 1 story post office roughing in lavatory sinks in jersey,renovation work.This is what I have seen roughed in the basement already that passed inspection.3″ pipe running horizantally,3″x2ys coming off of the 3″ laying on their sides horizantally, with quater pitch.2″ pvc pipe directly in the 3x2y’s,then at the end of the 2″ pipe they have 2″ 90’s going straight up thru the basement floor onto the first story which at 18 inches has a 2″TY to pick up sink then a vent coming straight out of the 2″TY going straight out of building.My question is I am going to be tapping into existing 2″ in the basement for another sink.what would be the best deal for a pass inspection.where the 2″ comes accross cut in a 2″ wye with 2″ 45.laying horizantally or should I put the 2″ y and 45 up passed the centerline.I figured I could lay them horizantally because they are wet vented by the sink upstairs.but remember if I put the y in before the 2″ 90 going up I am going to pass that piping thats going up and go up.then cut in my 2″ ty for drain and up thru the roof.also if I have a 2″ line and am picking up 2 sinks down in the basement.I can lay the first y on its side horizantally then 90 up and pickup my sink and out.Whats the best way to get a pass inspection..Thanks for your time Mike in jersey

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        Avatar photofourth year

          My concern is that you should not have to ask these questions unless you are not too experienced in plumbing. Your first concern would be to determine what sinks, etc, are connected to the 2″ pipe already and then whether your plumbing code will allow your new sinks to connect to it also. Many codes limit 2″ drains to 6 fixture units, (not fixtures), and some fixtures are rated at 2 or 3 fixture units.

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            I know I have enough drainage fixture units for another sink their is only 2 sinks on 1 2″ line.Here in jersey that is acceptable.My question is they have a 3″x2″y on its side,horizantal and I want to cut in another 2″ y to pick up that new sink.does it matter where I put that 2″ y.Should I put it on the horizantal or vertical,I was going to cut it in the horizantal either laying the 2″y up or on its side.My foreman says put it on the vertical pipe going up connecting the first sink.The only reason why I am asking is I failed inspections listening to my foreman!!!!and had to do work twice…That is not fun!!!!Thanks for your comment even if it was not what I was looking for.MIke Does it really matter.remember it is going up the first floor and venting straight out of the roof.

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              From your description, and without seeing the actual installation, it appears that you can either install a “Y” on its side or a combination Y-1/8 bend on its back. Since it appears to be a single story you should not have to worry about a pressure zone when you make the connection to the horizontal pipe, and since the original pipe appears to be vented and you are venting this one also, they should be no “wet vent” situation. But, one thing that drives me “up a wall”, and also did when I was a supervisor, is to tell someone how I wanted it done and then find out that they did it differently.

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                Plastic pipe is illegal in postal facilities where in NJ are you doing this fraudulent piping?
                Keith Harris. Mgr Plant maintenance North East regional staff

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                  sorry for the mistake it is a 1 story matainence building.I was talking to my wife at the time I was typing and wrote post office!!!!I was talking about our mail at the po box in the post office at the same time writing that!!That is funny!!Sorry for the misinfo

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                  Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                    In reply to message posted by Keith Harris:
                    Plastic pipe is illegal in postal facilities where in NJ are you doing this fraudulent piping?
                    Keith Harris. Mgr Plant maintenance North East regional staff

                    Hey Keith how the hell are you guy?

                    Next time Keith you tell someone it is “ILLEGAL” why didn’t you have the common decency to explain why?

                    You see Mr. Harris, I wrote that into the Postal Service guide lines in the MS 24 your quoting from.

                    The reasoning I put this into the postal code is I happen to like quality in plumbing and feel only qualified folks should do plumbing and thus I wrote this into the MS 24 “code” to reflect qualty and safety.

                    If you had gone to Norman Oklahoma OU and took the environmental courses offered there and had taken the plumbing and boiler inspectors courses you would have read MY SAFETY reports regarding toxic plastic in the work place (very detailed report I must say)

                    Now for a point of information to you Keith.

                    I was one of the North East Regional unfired pressure vessel and low pressure boiler inspectors and the only Certified “plumbing” heating and roofing inspector for the NY AREA, besides being director of code training and code interruptions

                    (OSHA 1910, MS 24,NBBI, ASME,Section IV, NIOSH, AWS, API, AWWASSESPESHRAE, NFPA, ETC), in the New York Metro Area.

                    So Keith you might say I WROTE THE BOOK GUY that your reading from.

                    So before you say “fraudlant” you had better be prepared to state which code your using?

                    I am still Federally approved to inspect federal installations including military bases plumbing and heating systems, so my good man remember there is always someone looking over your shoulder also.

                    Now let me give you a word of advice kind sir, I have met you a few times at senior staff meetings and you are not immune from my inspections at your facilities.

                    I just renewed my contract for several more years of giving my expert advice to the code committee and I also plan on continuing my ASME section IV type boiler inspections for this entire region including your area.

                    I strongly suggest you do an in house inspection prior to me getting there as I did take on the added responsibility of not only doing my normal yearly inspections BUT have suggested to the powers that be to also I perform BI yearly inspections of internal and external testing plus checking for the proper potable water supply connections.

                    These inspections have been approved by Postal Headquarters

                    So guy in layman’s terms I, AM,THE MAN with the power answering to no one as far as strict code enforcement and safety goes.

                    So Keith I hope you remember how I like my coffee and I am looking forward to seeing you again …HAVE A GOOD DAY

                    I strongly suggest Mr. Harris you call my (government) office at 26 Federal Plaza to make an appointment so we can discuss what provisions I will need when I enter your facilities

                    You should have the number or just ask your boss Wayne Johnson, please feel free to send Wayne my best.

                    Sylvan, N.E.R Chief civilian Inspector of plaint operations and code compliance.


                    » This message has been edited by SylvanLMP on 12 December 2001

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