Sewer backs up to catch basin (and into basement)

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      100 year old 2-flat in Chicago has had sewer rodded to street less than 6 months ago. Problem has returned. City has checked their end and says it is my problem. Is there a way to correct the problem for a longer term (i.e.: if due to roots, is there a treatment to keep them from growing back)? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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      The first thing that has to be done is DIAGNOSE the problem. Is the pipie separated, broken? Find out by video inspecting the line, for a few hundred dollars a licensed plumbing contractor can give you a price to repair, replace with a video of your main line sewer to the street to view with family and friends forever. By the way they make great gifts.
      Bill( used to be in Chicago)
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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