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        I would like to have a full bath installed in my warehouse. We will have to pump the sewage 150′ over a 2′ rise to get to the main sewer line. I want to install the pit outside about 20′ from the building (unable to install inside and may share basin with another building). Is there a special basin for outside installation? Do you use a different cover? Are there risers available to allow for the extra depth required for the gravity feed inlet? Do you think a grinder system is necessary instead of a regular ejector 2″ solids pump? The inspector said we will need indication alarm/status lights. Wiring is not installed–shoud I go with a 220v pump? Is 1/2 hp sufficient for the pump?

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          Lp, Where are you from? you talk about 220v which indicates a lucky country like Australia, but talk in ft, which indicates a third world country like USA.

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            Anytime the pump is the total drainage for a building, I recommend a duplex system with alternating operation, high water override, high water alarm bell and light, and as a bonus, if there is a possibility of flooding in the event of pump or power failure, a valve on the water inlet tied to the high water alarm to prevent any water usage when the pump will not or cannot operate. The basin does not have to be particularly special since the gas tight seals on the lid will also keep water out. It should be tall enough to come to ground level to facilitate service and repairs. The controls have to be protected from the weather, however, either by being in raintight enclosures or installed remotely in the building.

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