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      I’m building my house. How high above the finished tile can the top of the closet flange be without being too high?

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      My question refers to a floor drain. I need to know where to cut off the drain pipe extending from the slab.

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      ARMDIVER,your questions are kind of confusing.The bottom of the closet collar ring should be flush with the finished floor. Are you using a floor drain with an incorporated trap or one similiar to a shower drain,where a trap has to be installed under it?The length of the pipe would depend on how low in the floor you want to set the drain.If you have a pipe sticking through the cement slab ,Iwould say you are up the creek

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      fourth year

      I hope that the two messages do not go together, in that you are installing a toilet flange over a floor drain P trap. If you are the toilet will not flush.

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      There’s only one question. What is the elevation of the collar the toilet bolts up to in relation to FF? No mention of p-trap and no confusion. Good lord! Thank God all plumbers aren’t represented here. I need to cut off the 4″ drain stub and all I’m not sure of is how high is too high above finished tile, which isn’t installed yet, can the top of the collar be and still allow the toilet to seat properly on the floor without rocking on the collar. Here’s another question for someone else. Can the top of the flange be 1/2 inch above the tile
      without interfering with the toilet placement?

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      Arm diver,Iwould like to see your house when it is done.Bet its a mess

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      Sounds confusing to me .You are building a house and cant figure out something that simple?

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      one time you are talking about a closet collar and then you state your question refers to a floor drain,do you know the difference between the two? The top of the collar can sit a half inch above the finished floor.Why get hostile with the people who answered?Allyou have to do is figure the height of the finished floor and how far the pipe fits into the collar and cut it off.Better yet get an internal pipe cutter.Put a spacer over the riser and cut it off after the floor is done.Good luck.

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      Hostile, who me? Thanks a million Old Pro. I guess Hose Bibb answered my question when he said the bottom of the collar should be flush with FF, but lost all credibility when commenting about my pipe thru the slab and me up the creek. fourth year didn’t attempt to answer anything. Since you are convinced I’m hostile, I’ll wait until I get my toilets before I glue anything, just to be on the safe side.

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      Ibelieve hose bibb thought the pipe up through the slab was going to connect to a floor drain,if so ,his reply would have been correct.As for fourth year,your guess is as good as mine.Best of luck on your endeavor.

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      fourth year

      My comment about a P trap was because he referenced a floor drain which by definition has a P trap. The question about the height the the flange is on a par with “My drain is stopped up. What should I do?”. If they do not know the answer to a question as simple as that, and it is really intuitive, then they should take the pieces and figure it out. Besides, there have been hundreds of replies stating that the flange sits on top of the finished floor that he could have located with a little research and effort. When you give an answer, you are giving him a fish. If you tell him where to find an answer, but try to prevent him from making a serious mistake in the process, you are teaching him to fish.

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