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      I previously posted regarding smell in my basement on chilly mornings. I took the advice given to me and raised the vent pipe above my roof line. But after a chilly morning, I am still getting smell. I am at a loss, any other ideas or suggestions? If someone could explain why this smell is only when the temperature drops at night and becomes strong in the morning after taking a shower or washing clothes. The plumber that put in the trap and vent said that if I still get a smell, that I will have to dig up my basement floor because there must be a cracked pipe. But my question is if that is the case, why wouldn’t it smell all the time??? I should also mention that the drop to the sewage line is steep and that my trap is on the inside of my house. I have no clue what to do, any help will be very much appreciated!! And in advance, thank you!!!!!

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      What size OUTSIDE vent pipe do you have?

      You can have your local plumber contact me VIA E mail to explain how cold air is heavier then watrm air and if the vent pipe has any restriction either diameter or excessive fittings Or a long developed lenth (run) then the vent is useless.

      A lot of folks dabbling in “venting” applications forget about a FAI (fresh air inlet) which allows NATURAL circulation of the venting system.

      Runing a vent without providing a means of make up air like a FAI is going to cause a vacuum where the OUTSIDE air is pulled into the structure as every time a fixture is used.

      Venting if properly sized and designed is a science not pot luck.

      If you have any questions please feel free to E mail me and ILL be glad to give you a crash course.


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