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      does anyone know an easy trick? i do
      [Edited by sewergod_27 on 21 August 2001]

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      Sewergod,No I do not .You might check out the wall in the mens room.

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      John Aldrich1

      Sewergod_27, Welcome to the Great MasterPlumbers.com Drainage and Sewerage Bulletin Board. We look forward to your quick, concise, and accurate responses to the inquiries posted on this forum.

      I do not understand the question that you pose regarding an easy trick for alignment of a pipe laser. Please expand on your question.

      I light my pipe with a butane lighter, not a laser. :>)

      John W. Aldrich
      Septic System Consultant and
      Drainage and Sewerage BB Moderator

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      What’s your trick. I have never used a pipe laser. But I am interested incase I do. Are pipe lasers any better or easier to use than a transit with laser.
      Phil H

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Sewergod, yes I would be very interested, I have worked with Lasers for many years, are you talking about initial setting up without trench or intermediate setting up the next day if laying is curtailed?

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