Should I cut the slab to replace the drain pipes??

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        After three kitchen sink backups, my plumber used a video camera to inspect the drain system down to the main. He found several bellys and flat areas along about 50% of the 78 feet of pipe. He suggested that hydrojetting would be a waste (no pun intended), since it would continue to be a problem because of the bellys and flat areas. He recommended cutting through the slab to replace and properly grade the 78 feet of drain pipes. Does this make sense? Am I setting myself up for more problems? Homeowners insurance should cover this, but is it likely it’s necessary?? I would really appreciate your opinions! Thank you –Steve in Anaheim, Calif.

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        Avatar photoMonty Betts

          It’s been my experience that most homeowners policies do not cover this type of work. Check with your insuror before counting on their money.
          It makes perfect sense to cut the concrete and regrade and replace the piping. I don’t know of anyother way you can be assured of proper drainage in the future without having the proper grade on your waste lines. Just make sure that when the regrading is performed that the backfill under the piping is properly compacted, so you will not experience sagging of the piping in the future.

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            Steve,is there any way to run the pipe overhead and tie back into the system? Save alot of cutting if possible.Good Luck

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