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      Hi there,

      I have a conventional floor standing Baxi boiler that has developed an air-lock after the system was drained and refilled without the motorised valve being set on manually.

      I have tried all kinds to remove the air … bleeding gallons of water out of each radiator … allowing system to flush through with the boiler and pump on … but nothing seems to work.

      The boiler fires up from cold, but quickly heats whatever water is in it, and then shuts off.

      Have you any advise as to how I can remove the air from the system. The boiler is definately working ok, as it is continually fired up if I allow the system
      to continually flush through.


      Rod Wilson

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      Perhaps the system is not air-locked. Make sure your circulator is working. sometimes with these new compact circulators it is difficult to be sure. Having power to the circulator is no guarantee it is operating.

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