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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        From time to time, my home and others on my block have a very strong sewer gas smell coming from the roof line main sewer vent.

        The house and city sewer piping has been checked by plumbers and city inspectors. Everything is installed correctly.

        Affected houses are at the top of the neighbor sewer system, thus each house roof main sewer vent is used to vent the city’s main sewer line.

        The net result is that from time to time, the venting sewer gas makes it very unpleasant while being in the back yard.

        No sewer gas leaks into the house if the doors are closed.

        QUESTION: What devices are available to stop the city from venting thur the house main sewer vent BUT will still allowed the house to function?

        Thanks in advance, Ed Stewart

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          Ed In Australia the code (AS3500) requires the vent to terminate
          1. 600mm above any opening into the building.
          2. 150 mm above the point of penetration through any roof.
          3. 3m above any trafficable roof
          4. 2m above or 600mm below any chimney or similar opening within 3m from the vent.
          4. 5m from any air duct intake.
          5. 600mm above any eave, coping or parapet that is within 600mm horizontally from the vent.
          These distances are what the Standard calls for, however when inversion occurs common sense should prevail & the vent should terminate at apoint where it does not offend, if practical.

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