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      i have just started to install septic systems and i need to know the maximum slope for leader pipes on a twenty foot length? all the inspectors are off for the weekend and we can not reach an agreement on the slope needed for this amount of leader pipe. the code book only covers up to five feet. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks’

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      1/4″ per foot is generally accepted as the maximum slop on a drainage pipe. The reason is so that the waste is lifted and carried along the pipe, rather than having the affluent wash over the waste and not move it. So in your case, from point “A” to point “B” would be 5 inches. 20 feet times .25 inches equals 5 inches. If I’m not mistaken, at the point of connection if the 1/4″ per foot ends up being much higher than the main connection to the sewer or septic tank, I think they allow a 45 degree drop to make the connection. Good luck!

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