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        I am connected to city sewage with no sptic tank.On occasion I have a smell in my house similar to someone getting a home permanent.It is around my 1/2 bath and washer in the laundry area.I smelled behind the washer yesterday and the smell was strong there.I unhooked the water line and there was very little water in the hose.When I flushed the commode the smell appeared again.It is not a constant smell but it is annoying.the washer empties into a drain pipe in the wall and probably shares the same drain line as the bathroom.i do not have the problem in the full bathroom on the other side of the house.It has a rotten egg or gas smell to it.Could this be methane or sewer gas and how do i get rid of it.I have natural gas for heat but it is not a natural gas smell.its more of a stagnent rotten odor.

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        Avatar photoMonty Betts

          Carmichael, it sounds as if your washing machine drain is actually acting as the vent for your toilet. The washing machine drain should have a trap installed on it before it’s connection to the waste system. Without a trap there is no water seal. Therefore sewer gas is allowed to move from the waste line to the atmosphere through your washing machine drain.

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