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      I have a bungalow into which I wish to install a bathroom. The drop form the house is about 1 m and distance is about 35m. My friendly plumber believes this is too much for a standard sanipump and discussed a commercial style pit and pump – I am not convinced – I am also not a plumber! Any ideas?

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      Ken Zoeller

      1 meter up and 35 meters out, or in my stuck in the english system numbers = 3.28 ft up and 114.8 ft out. What size pipe does the “standard sanipump” unit use? What capacaty does it have at 2 meters? My 2 meters is a guess at what I think the TDH will be. Where will the discharge go? Free air or a pressurized pipe main? The “standard sanipump ” may have enough head and capacity. What is the capacity at 1 ,2, 3, meters? kenz@zoeller.com

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