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      The main line is clogged between the cleanout in our front yard and the city sewer. After spending over two hours with a roto-rooter and getting nowhere, the plumbers said that they need to dig out the whole pipe and replace it. The plumbers worked from our cleanout toward the street and I was wondering if they tried rooting from the city sewer side (downstream of the clog) if that might work better.

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      jimbo in Texas

      I would recommend getteing a camera to locate where the problem is before excuvating your yard. If the pipe is to full of water and cloudy to see, get them to jet the line, then go in and see whats going on. I seriously doubt that the city jetting their main is the problem, your neigbors would be stopped up also. Where I live, there is alot of problems at the sewer tap, if this is in the street, this could be the citie’s problem. Down here, people are only liable for their sewer lines to their curb, once there, the city responsibility.

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      fourth year

      Unless your drain connects into a manhole, there is no way for them to enter your pipe from the city side. Everywhere is different, but in this area, the usual problem is at the property line where the plumber connected his pipe to the city’s tap lateral. And around here the customer is responsible for the entire line to the main sewer in the street, including replacing the fitting in the main line if it is cracked. Using a camera is the only way to be sure how serious it is.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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